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Queer as Folk Freak

18 July 1984
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If you really wanna know about me...just ask... its as simple as that...
And I have just realized something...I don't have very many friends on this Live Journal thing... ^^;

~**~ UPDATE ~**~
Ok so I am now a mommy of 2 beautiful girls! Alijah and Alice! 3, & 1. Currently live in Norfolk, VA.
3-wheelers, 4-wheelers, aaf, acting, ah! my goddess, angelina jolie, angels, animals, anime, art, astrology, avril lavigne, babies, bakuretsu hunters, blink 182, blue seed, brendan frasier, butterflies, candles, castles, cereal, chains, cheese, chess, computers, cooking, cowboy bebop, criss angel, d.n. angel, dale earnhardt, dance dance revolution, dancing, daniel radcliffe, daria, dean r. koontz, disney, dog collars, dolphins, dragon ball z, dragons, drama, driving fast, dvds, earthian, edgar allen poe, evangelion, excel saga, faeries, fishing, food, friends, fun, fushigi yuugi, garth brooks, ghosts, glitter, good charlotte, gravitation, gundam wing, guys, hair dye, harry potter, hellsing, him, horses, hot topic, ice cream, internet, inuyasha, invader zim, japan, japanese, john mayer, johnny depp, jpop, kingdom hearts, labrynth, laughing, laurell k. hamilton, leather, linkin park, lip gloss, love, magic, magic knight rayearth, magic user's club, mercedes lackey, money, monkeys, mononoke hime, monty python, moon, movies, music, my beautiful dauther alijah, napolean dynamite, nature, night, online quizzes, outlaw star, peaches, petshop of horrors, piano, pictures, pixies, pizza, playing, queer as folk, rain, raving, reading, rurouni kenshin, sailor moon, saiyuki, shinesman, shopping, singing, skating, slayers, sleep, spikes, spirits, squirrels, stars, strawberries, sum 41, sunflowers, swimming, talking, tarot, tattoos, tatu, tenchi muyo, thunder storms, tornadoes, trigun, utena, vampire hunter d, vampires, weiss kreuz, whipped cream, white tiger, wicca, witchcraft, yuu yuu hakusho